Corus, Inc.


Advisors to Corporate Officers and Board of Directors 

Corporate Advisory Services


Our goal:  To advise and assist companies to achieve positive results.


A partial list of areas Corus provides advisory services are:


  • Strategies and tactics for effective business operations
  • Structuring company for growth
  • Restructuring company for survival


  • Structuring Board of Directors or Advisory Board for effectiveness
  • Preparing company for partial or total sale
  • Seeking expansion through acquisition
  • Tactics for Intellectual property protection and value preservation


  • Domestic and International expansion issues
  • Financial management, accountability, and integrity issues
  • Coordination with legal and accounting professionals on complex matters

Our clients are typically companies with an established business and revenues between   $5 million and $100 million. 

We will provide reasonable time, without obligation, to meet with authorized officers or directors to initially assess the mutual merits of a potential assignment.