Corus, Inc.

Advisors to Corporate Officers and Board of Directors

Corus Inc. has established strategic relationships with established companies and trusted executives that have a proven history of integrity and success for their clients. A partial list is included below. For further information about these companies contact George Futas at Corus or the affiliate directly.

Since 1979, Pacific Northwest Advisors (PNWA) professionals have worked with clients that are:
       • Global companies seeking markets in the U.S.
       • Pacific Northwest companies expanding globally

PNWA is an international network of experienced and trusted business professionals. Such extensive experience across industries and regions allows PNWA to develop and implement creative and profitable strategies and solutions for its clients.

PNWA has operational familiarity in over 50 countries…
Their team of international advisors represents first-hand familiarity with most of the world's major countries and markets.